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Aqualid solo

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Life-giving water must be

Presence of mechanical impurities, increased mineralization, hardness, unacceptable microbiological indicators make the problem of water quality very acute in Russia. All these deficiencies adversely impact human health and condition of technical equipment.

Demand for water treatment is increasing from year to year but there are few proposals based on serious scientific research.

Svetlana Slavina

Sales Manager LLC Aqualid
01 Clean

Water without mechanical and chemical impurities: rust, turbidity, mucus, chlorine, iron, hardness salts and heavy metals.

Such contaminations provoke oncological and other systemic diseases.

02 Useful

Clean water of weak mineralization with negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP).

For example, ORP in tap water amounts to +400 mV, and in a mountain spring ORP is 300 mV. It means that water in a mountain spring is electronegative and more useful than tap water.

03 Safe

Water purified from mechanical and chemical contaminations, in which harmful microbes and bacteria are killed and which has negative ORP.

Presence of harmful bacteria, even in minimal quantities results in severe food poisoning.

Download presentation
“Truth about life-giving water”

The scientists of LLC Aqualid prepared a detailed presentation about Life giving water. The presentation tells why pitcher filters are hazardous to health and what kind of water is sold sell in plastic bottles by different companies. 

The presentation is written in simple language about sophisticated things. It is addressed to those who want to study in more detail the terminology, scientific research and world facts.

Download presentation

Dead water consumes human energy

Bottled water

Bottled water is free from bacteria, viruses and chemical compounds. After treatment produces perform mineralization of water that means extra expenditures and cost increase.

A family of 3 people spends 30,000 rubles a year on bottled water. Besides this, a need to control water consumption, order it by the due date and wait for delivery makes additional difficulties.

Water filters

Filters purify water only from chemical impurities. Over time, they accumulate in a filter and enter a body, thereby poisoning it with double force.

Water ionizer

By using a reactor, ionizers reduce ORP of water. The downside is that this water cannot be stored. Moreover, ionizers do not purify water from chemical impurities and bacteria.

In order to stop consuming energy and innate resources one should drink clean and what is most important, electronegative water.
This water is called life-giving

We selected the best technologies and created an innovative water electroactivation system Aqualid solo

Aqualid solo

Components and service life

The unit contains three filters: a filter for purifying water from mechanical impurities, a filter for improving water taste and a catalytic reactor for removing anode deposits. Two iridium reactors are installed to prepare electronegative water.

Filter service life is 6000 liters. According to Sanitary Regulations and Norms for water, a family of three people with regular water consumption will need to change filters once a year. The cost of set of three filters is 1500 RUB. Life time of the unit is 10 years.

Certificates for Aqualid solo

Please, take a look at the main permits, operational documents and certificates

Manufacturer's guarantee

The manufacturer guarantees that the unit complies with the requirements of technical specifications TU-3697-002-10389542-2016 providing operation procedures, storage and transportation requirements are observed. Guarantee period is 12 months. Within the guarantee period the manufacturer LLC Aqualid shall provide free of charge repair of unit.

Aqualid solo

Improving the quality of water-improve the quality of life!


Safe water is necessary for everyone


Life-giving water does not need to be boiled. Water retains its useful properties when heated to 60°C. This water is safe and convenient for diluting pap or baby food.

As well as mother’s milk life-giving water has a negative oxidation reduction potential. Such water is an immune stimulator and as a result a child gets sick less often.

Elderly people

With the onset of senility doctors recommend using water with a negative ORP to maintain a body water balance. Electronegative water also removes toxins from a body including those contained in drugs. 

The use of life-giving water saves energy to maintain an active lifestyle.

Business people

Life-giving water reduces fatigue, increases performance efficiency, speeds up metabolic process and removes toxins from the body

It increases resistance to catarrhal diseases and ability to handle stress, reduces risks of malnutrition and bad health habits of eating fried and fatty foods as well as of alcohol and tobacco consumption


The use of life-giving water during training saves the body energy and reduces fatigue, consequently it increases an efficiency of training and shortens recovery period.

Sport supplement is better assimilated with life-giving water. This water helps to build up muscle. It is essential for raising body tone, it improves skin condition and makes it to look healthy and beautiful.

Price of Aqualid solo

64 900 RUB
5% discount when paying by card

Payment and delivery

1. Write your phone number and send a request.
2. Our manager will call you back and answer your questions.
3. He (she) will suggest you a convenient way of payment and help to arrange a delivery.

12 months installment when paying by card
Halva installment card

For consultation

Call: +7 988 172 02 00

Write to: info@aqualid.ru

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Product delivery and return policy

We deliver by courier service

Aqualid Solo will be delivered to your home or office at a convenient time and to any region of Russia. Delivery is at our expense. Average delivery time is 5 days.

Returns of goods makes no problem

We give more time to feel a taste of electronegative water. Normally, return of goods is made within two weeks in Russia. We've doubled that time. Now, you can return the goods within four, but not two weeks as the law says. Keep a box and a check and write to info@aqualid.ru Return shipment is at our expense.

We pack carefully

We collect orders at our manufacturing facility in the Astrakhan region. To avoid scratching of device during delivery we use foam containers and several layers of air bubble film.

Customer reviews

Anna Petrova

Hello! I'm 65 age. With age, water is no longer absorbed by body cells. Doctors said that only electronegative water would help. Friends advised me to try Aqualid filter of life-giving water. Having bought this filter, I really, was satisfied with its quality. The device is very easy to use: I open the tap and water flows freely. I really feel much better. Mobility of my joints is higher and I don’t have pain in my knees. Now I can spend the whole day on the move and not feel even the slightest discomfort, say nothing of pain. There are no blood pressure spiking and no headaches. I strongly advise everybody to buy such a device!

Natalya Rukavishnikova
Nizhny Novgorod region

I bought Aqualid solo for myself. However, at first I did not believe that life-giving water exists, but when I started using the unit, very soon I noticed the difference. Water has become not just clean and tasty but also really useful. My intestinal problems disappeared and I noticed that my child stopped getting sick. Over the winter he never got sick. He stopped drinking dead boiled water and his immunity became stronger. I highly recommend to those who want to drink clean and healthy water to purchase Aqualad solo unit. It makes water really life-giving!

Anastasia Drushlyak
Astrakhan region

Earlier I had frequent headaches and high blood pressure spikes. For the past few months my blood pressure has not increased and I don’t have headaches. At first I wondered what happened, but then I realized that these changes were caused by the properties of life-giving water that I drink. I feel that I live full life again! My health is much better now and I feel 10 years younger. I recommend everybody to buy Aqualid solo who wants to drink clean and healthy water. It is really life-giving!

Alla Podpulyasskaya
Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Candidate of Medical Sciences

I’m a skeptic by nature, therefore the information about Aqualid Solo made me smile and I started my own research: studied a number of scientific articles that looked trustworthy in my opinion. I realized that the use of this water would not do any harm to my body and decided to try it as the unit was very simple in use and the price was attractive. Moreover I had an urgent need in water filtration as my tap water leaved much to be desired. The device was installed in the kitchen under the sink. The first who prized it were my children. They started to come to the kitchen for drinking this water as it was more tasty as compared with boiled water which they stopped drinking. To my surprise, after a while I realized that my edema was completely gone and my kidney function was normal. I had to admit the effectiveness of electronegative water, not to mention that the unit is simple and easy to operate.

Victoria Rogova

Earlier I heard a lot about scientific studies of electronegative water phenomenon. Having learned about Aqualid unit I decided to try and purchased it for my family. The unit is easy to use and certainly corresponds to the specified characteristics. Electronegative water had a positive impact on my family. It’s a pleasure to know that you can easily get water at home without any effort

Olga Rukavitsina

I’d like to share my impressions about life-giving water. In the first days, when I started drinking it, the body responded by cleansing. It was impossible to move away from the toilet far and for a long time. It lasted for three days. Then I noticed decrease in appetite. It became easier to wake up in the morning and I have more energy. I drink life-giving water only for a month, and the result is obvious. I began to loose weight and I will be happy to continue drinking this water.

About the company

As a result of research, we have created a simple, affordable and easy to use device for purification and electroactivation of water. The device cleans and makes water electronegative.

Aqualid Solo is designed for household use.

Aqualid is a scientific and technical company. We develop innovative water purification systems in industrial-scale volumes. Learn about business offers on page industrial water treatment