We solve water treatment problems and save money for business

We produce disinfectants and antiseptics. Saving money for business

We develop individual solutions based on water analyses and customer tasks, using non-standard cost-effective technologies created by us and tested on objects in various conditions. The only technological solution that allows you to clean and disinfect river water to the drinking level with the possibility of block placement and full automation.

You Can also use our technologies to Refine and increase the biological value of tap water and produce highly effective disinfectants and antiseptics consisting of twenty-five active components.

Our developments

  • Industrial water treatment plant for tap water Aqualid Pro;
  • Industrial plant for increasing the biological value of water supplied to residents of a house, entrance or office Aqualid Promo;
  • Industrial plant for disinfection and treatment of technical surface and artesian water Aqualid Vu;
  • Household installation for increasing the biological value of water installed in an apartment, Aqualid Solo;
  • Disinfectant neutral anolyte ANC;
  • Antiseptic Aquasept based on a neutral anolyte.
By improving water quality, we will improve the quality of life