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LLC «Aqualid» — scientific production company

We are engaged in technical developments in the field of industrial water treatment. The activity of LLC "Equaled" certified and has received the highest rating of experts in the innovation center "SKOLKOVO".

Year 2010

Scientific staff of LLC Akvalid carried out test of the flowing hydrodynamic cavitator for disinfection of drains of the fish-breeding enterprise.

Year 2012

Developed, created and tested the first pilot plant with hypochlorite supply.

Year 2014

Got  utility model patent. Developed draft specifications and a passport installed. Become a participant project «SKOLKOVO».

Year 2015

Industrial implementation of the installation at the Astrakhan cannery and in the Volodarsky district of the Astrakhan region.

Year 2017

Opening of a branch in Crimea. Crimeans have the opportunity to appreciate the offer from LLC «Aqualid» for the development and installation of water purification systems.  Komsomolskaya Pravda from 04.07.17

Year 2018

Within  competition's GenerationS on the TechNet track "technological developments" 399 applications from entrepreneurs of Russia were submitted. As a result, 40 teams from 24 cities were invited to Bootcamp. Among them is the team of LLC «Aqualid»

Key employees of the company

General Director
SlavinLeonid Matveevich
Head of production
Ivanov Alexey Vitalievich
Main engineer
Kupriyanov Vasily Petrovich
Head of the Crimean division
Sokolova Oksana Georgievna
Head of sales
Rizhaya Olga Ilyinichna
General accountant
Volkonskaya Victoria Olegovna

Office and branch address


414000, 50 Lenina Str.
TIN 3015098925
IEC 301501001
PSRN 1133015000711

Contact person
Slavina Svetlana Aleksandrovna

+7 8512 411 412info@aqualid.ru


TIN 3015098925
IEC 301501001
PSRN 1133015000711

Contact person
Shakerimova Ravshan Nizamovich

+7 909 938 02 25info@aqualid.ru


299001, 11 Nakhimov Avenue
TIN 3015098925
IEC 301501001
PSRN 1133015000711

Contact person
Sokolova Oksana Georgievna

+7 978 146 92 42info@aqualid.ru

Our partner


Individual entrepreneur Yusupov R. R.
414056, Latysheva street, 18/8
TIN 300602975884
PSRNSP 315302500022208

Contact person
Yusupov Ramil Rashitovich

+7 988 598 94 44info@aqualid.ru


454078, Agalakova str., 30, space 11
TIN 7448145467
PSRN 1127448002978

Contact person
Valery Viktorovich Zhmaev


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