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We solve water treatment problems and save money for business

We develop individual solutions based on water analysis and customer tasks, using non-standard cost-effective technologies created by us and tested at the facilities in different conditions.

Developers of country, cottage settlements, as well as multi-storey houses.

Automated system of drinking water for each house or apartment from the General water intake. You provide your customers with quality drinking water at minimal cost for yourself and for your customer. Solutions of competitors are not only much more expensive, but also require significant operating costs.

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Fish breeding

Primary water treatment with unique filters. Removal of the fungus developed by our flow cavitation generator, accelerating the growth of fry by 30-50%.

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Water purification from mechanical impurities with partial disinfection is several times cheaper than competitors without qualified personnel. Accelerating growth of young animals, increases the germination of seeds by 30-50%.

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Medical institution

Cleaning and disinfection of water with minimal operating costs by eliminating ultraviolet disinfection. For the same price you get safe, healthy drinking water with antioxidant properties, which has a General health and preventive effect.

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Housing and communal services

Obtaining drinking water for the population at a price of 1.5 p. / m3 without hazardous waste on a simple installation is 2-3 times cheaper than analogues in price and operating costs that do not require qualified personnel.

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Food producer

Self-contained system for obtaining high quality drinking water at a low price with your individual water intake. The equipment is housed in room with size 6×3 sq. m. You are no longer dependent on expensive public water supply. Investments pay off in 3-4 months.

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Placement of the unit in the box and cost analysis

The manufactured equipment and the block boxes in the factory in Astrakhan. Sell installation and subsequent maintenance and provision of consumables.

The installation is compact and does not require large areas

All the necessary components and assemblies are placed in a compact mobile block-box with dimensions of 3×6 sq.m. This is enough for processing 1500 cubes per day.

Arrangement of equipment in the block box 3×6 meters squared

1. Pump in a sealed capsule.
2. The cavitator.
3. Fine filter.
4. Installation of production of sodium hypochlorite by electrolysis of table salt.
5. Rotameter.
6. Hypochlorite tank.
7. Pearlite slurry tank.
8. Tank-collector for clean water.
9. Jet dispenser.
10. Pipeline system with cranes, pressure gauges and drainage capacity.

Perlite is used as a fertilizer for plants

No disposal costs

The use of the unit does not require the disposal of the drainage residue. Since the process of water treatment occurs without the use of chemicals. Operating costs only for table salt and perlite.

Model name


The cost of cleaning, RUB

Expendable material

Additional requirement


Reverse osmosis PVO «NPC PromVodCleaning»

500 cubic meters 
in day

From 6 to 8



15 million rubles

UV disinfection with filtration «UV-ТЕХ»

500 cubic meters 
in day

From 5 to 7

Lamps, replacement cartridges

Disposal of replacement materials

11 million rubles

Wash filters with carbon sorbent. Raifil Co, LTD South Korea

500 cubic meters
in day

From 10 to 11

Strainers, washing filters

Filter replacement every two years

18 million rubles

Woven mesh filters with backwash

500 cubic meters 
in day

From 8 to 9

Mesh filter

Filter replacement every two years

10 million rubles

Installation «Aqualid»

500 cubic meters
in day

From 1 to 1,5

Perlite, table salt


3,2 million rubles

The cost of equipment "Aqualid" cheaper analogues at least 2 times

Watch the video in which the General Director of LLC "Aqualid" tells about the installation device and explains the principle of its operation.

Certificates for industrial water treatment plant

Please, take a look at the main permits, operational documents and certificates

Create a unit for any volume of water treatment

The process is as follows

1. On your object we carry out a water intake and we do the analysis. 
2. On the basis of the analysis data, we make a technical task and complete the installation. 
3. Then delivery to the object, installation and start of the installation. 
4. Installation on site takes a month.
5. Re - conduct the water intake and do the analysis to the samples correspond to the technical analysis. 
6. After that, we hand over the work, sign the act and train your people to service.
7. We work on an advance payment 70/30.

To discuss your task, leave a contact phone number.

An employee of the commercial Department will call back and answer the questions. If you are interested in the offer — agree on the time for the meeting.

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